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Air quality testing to solve indoor pollution problems Air quality testing to solve indoor pollution problems Recently, the family decoration pollution also entered a high incidence. Wood products, floors and other volatile formaldehyde, formaldehyde concentration in indoor air will also rise, the same, other pollutants also have similar characteristics. At the end of 2015, Mr. Wu lived dragon garden for the decoration, all furniture are buying high-end products, a total cost of about four hundred thousand yuan. After the arrival of the couple, but invariably feel uncomfortable, runny nose, throat feel dry a foreign body, eyes are often uncomfortable, has affected the normal life and work, while two people began to pay attention to it, one family is suspected because the house decoration problem. Wu is very puzzled, I thought, why do I buy high-grade products, home air pollution is so serious? In fact, the decoration materials are basically labeled as "green products" or "national exemption product", according to the truth of these materials decoration of the house should not have the pollution, actually this kind of understanding is wrong. Because of the so-called environmental protection, national Mianjian products, is the release of harmful substances is less than the national standard, and is not released. It can be said that most of the materials are pollutants, decoration has become a source of indoor pollution. In the specific indoor environment, the aggregation effect of these pollutants will result in high concentration of harmful gases in the room. Professional testing master told reporters, six large indoor pollution is usually early in the oppressed, nausea, dizzy fatigue; family colds; respiratory diseases and allergies; pungent smell glare; immunity and fetal malformation; indoor plants are easy to survive. As the above phenomenon, questioned whether the indoor air quality standards of the customer, recommended materials detection, such as: plate detection, detection, detection, floor furniture, paint, wallpaper glue detection detection detection, detection, detection of stone tiles.

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